State-Level Structures

State/Territory Steering Committees

  • State/UT governments involved in the project have established State Steering Committees (SSC) of up to seven members for the life of the project.  The operational costs of the SSCs, including sitting fees for industry representatives, are financed by the project.  Each SSC has ten members as follows:
  • The Principal Secretary, Department of Labour/ Technical Education/ Secretary (as applicable) as the Chairperson,
  • Financial Advisor/ Financial Controller of the concerned Department,
  • Chief Engineer of the State PWD or his nominee not below the rank of a Superintending Engineer,
  • Three industry members nominated by major industry associations,
  • Three members having knowledge and interest in vocational training nominated by the State/UT Government.  The nominees should be regarded as persons with particular expertise and interest in vocational training, and
  • The State Project Director shall be the ex-officio member, and shall act as Secretary of the SSC.

The SSC is responsible for:

  • Guiding the work of the SPIU and authorizing reports to the state government, to the NSC, and to the World Bank.
  • Assessing and recommending the IDPs for financing under the project.
  • Overseeing operational activities within the state.
  • Preparing applications to Innovations Funds.
  • Reviewing and approving the training plans for the staff of SPIU and of institutions.
  • Reviewing and recommending to the NSC foreign training plans.
  • Meeting quarterly, or more frequently as required, to take stock of the project and facilitate project implementation.
  • Recommending to the NSC proposals for the use of the Incentive Fund.

(ii) State Project Implementation Unit (SPIU)
SPIU Functions
The SPIU’s major workload is in Improving the Quality of Vocational Training.  Consequently, its focus is to manage the project as implemented through ITIs.  The SPIU is responsible and accountable for this aspect of the project, including the timely release of funds to ITIs, submitting reimbursement claims, and preparing timely progress and expenditure reports that adhere to Bank policies and guidelines.

The SPIU provides information and examples of good practice, as well as guidance and support to institutions on all aspects of program implementation.  This includes guidance on preparing IDPs, and on procurement and financial issues.  It also includes efforts to build capacity of the ITIs, particularly the IMCs, wherever required.  The SPIU facilitates the sharing of information among ITIs and also training.

It assists and prepares documents for joint review missions.  The SPIU periodically monitors progress of implementation at the institute level.

The Director of Training is designated as the State Project Director (SPD).  The SPD is assisted by Additional State Project Director (ASPD), Finance Officer and   Assistant Director.


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