Skills Strengthening for Industrial Value Enhancement (STRIVE)

               Skills Strengthening for Industrial Value Enhancement (STRIVE) project is a World Bank assisted-Central Sector Scheme (CSS). The objectives of the project is to improve the relevance and efficiency of skill training provided through ITIs and Industries and to improve the teaching, learning and facilitate the capacities of State Governments to support ITIs and Apprenticeship training.The closing date of the project is November 2022

Government of India, MSDE envisages to implement this project in 400 Government ITIs, 100 private ITIs and 100 Industrial Clusters across the country. Detailed guidelines for implementation of the STRIVE project is as per the OM (Operations Manual) circulated to the states.  The project will be headed by the State Steering Committee (SSC) of the state and would be implemented through SPIU (State Project Implementation unit) and SAMC (State Apprenticeship monitoring cell) constituted in every state.

                             The four Components/Result Area and allotments under each Result Area of the STRIVE project  is shown below:

(1)To improve the performance of ITIs

(2) To Increase the capacities of State Government to support ITIs and

      Apprenticeship training

(3) To Improve teaching and learning

(4) To Improve and broaden Apprenticeship training.


      Link to strive ITIs and ICs


Si No

Result area

Allocated amount(in Lakhs)

Released Amount(In Lakhs)


To improve the  Performance of 17 Govt ITIs and 2 private  ITIs




To increase the capacities of State Governments to support ITIs and Apprenticeship Training




To improve  teaching and learning

Through DGT



To Improve and Broaden Apprenticeship Training




Technical support & Assistance (for meeting the expense of SPIU including Salary)

35 per year



State Apprenticeship Monitoring Cell (SAMC)

80 per year



                              This Result Area 1 & Result Area 2 of the project will be implemented by the respective Institute management committee (IMC) constituted in each ITI. The Result area 4 will be implemented by the SAMC constituted under the project through IC (Industry clusters). The (SPIU) will be monitoring the project at the state level under the guidance of State Steering Committee (SSC). DGT has selected 17Government ITIs and 2 Private ITI’s as per Result Area 1 and Result Area 2. 03 Industrial Clusters (IC) have been selected under Result Area 4.


As per the operational manual of STRIVE,  Government ITIs  with grade  2 star and above and Private ITIs  above grade 2.5 star are eligible to submit Institute Strategic Plan (ISP). Accordingly 26 eligible Government ITIs and 10 Private ITIs from Kerala submitted their Institute Strategic Plan (ISP)to DGT.

Evaluation was done by the State directorate for the Government ITIs on the evaluation sheet prescribed by DGT and the evaluated ISP was forwarded to DGT. The ISP of Private ITIs were inspected by the State Government representative and DGT representative. The ISP and the evaluation sheet were approved by the State Steering committee meeting held on 28.03.2019.  DGT has selected 17 Government ITIs and 2 Private ITI s on the basis of the marks secured on the ISP evaluation report recommended by State.An amount of Rs4802.73 lakhs has been allocated to the state under Result Area 1 & Result Area 2 component.

Result Area 4 provides the IAI (industry Apprentice Initiative) grant to Industry Clusters (ICs)/ Industry Associations to promote apprenticeship within its Member Business Organizations (MBOs). A total of 100 ICs would be covered pan India. ICs proposals are evaluated and shortlisted by states and submitted to DGT for selection. A maximum allocation of INR 100 lakhs will be available per Industry Cluster (IC) for a project duration of 3 years. The Funds under IAI grant to ICs may be utilized towards activities including, but not limited to: cost of establishing and running an apprenticeship cell in the cluster, development of curricula, hiring of trainers, training of trainers, awareness raising, etc. 04 Industrial Clusters (IC) have been selected under Result area 4 with an allotment of Rs 400 Lakhs.

               A Performance based funding agreement (PBFA) was signed between the Central Government and State Government and accordingly 20% of the central fund ( Rs. 226 lakhs) was released for the STRIVE Project under Result Area 2 and an amount of Rs.40 lakhs has been released under the Result Area 4 (Industrial Cluster).

The funds for each ITIs will be released on the evaluation and recommendation of SSC based on the year-wise achievement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The indicative KPIs are Percentage of increase in number of graduates in each year, Increase in female enrollment rate, Increase in total enrollments, Increase in percentage of total trainees at the respective ITI who have undergone  On Job Training (OJT). As per STRIVE manual  under Result Area 4, Rs 40 lakhs will be given to the IC on submission of the IAI plan and remaining on achieving apprenticeship training targets as per the PBFA.

 Govt Order  empowering existing SSC for Monitioring and evaluation of STRIVE project



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