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    List of  qualifications Equated/Linked to  NAC/,NTC, STC Issued by NCVT/SCVT

1 Validity of Consolidated Marksheet & E- NTC - Govt Order G.O (Rt) 74/2017/LBR
2 Equating trades under CoE Scheme  to CTS trades  
3 COPA & DEO trades under CTS with English & Malayalam Typewriting Lower, Computer Word Processing   G.O (Ms) 21/2017/LBR
4 Mechanic Auto electrical & Electronics course with COE Auto Electrical & COE Electronics & A/C                   G.O (Ms) 4/2017/LBR
5 NAC,NTC/STC in Mechanical Agriculture machinery as alternative qualification to NAC, NTC/STC in Mechanic Tractor trade G.O (Rt) 122/2016/LBR
6  2 Yr Dip in Costume Designing & Dressmaking of DTE with NTC/STC in Fashion Technology under CTS    G.O (Rt) 298/2017/LBR
7 NAC,NTC/STC  in Dress making Trade under CTS with KGTE Tailoring Higher          G.O (Ms) 99/93/LBR
8 NAC,NTC/STC in Food Production General/Vegetarian Trade under CTS with Food Production course by FCI       G.O (Ms) 05/2017/LBR
9 Degree/Diploma in Automobile,Mechanical,Electrical & Electronic & Communication Engineering with Valid LMV License to be considered for JI posting in Mechanic Auto electrician and Electronics trade under CTS          G.O (Ms) 31/2017/LBR
10 NAC,NTC/STC in Steward Trade under CTS with Restaurant and Counter service course by FCI  G.O (Rt) 19/2017/SCSTDD
11 18 Months ITI course with 6 months inplant training with 2 years courses of ITI under CTS by NCVT/SCVT G.O (Ms)135/2014/LBR
12 Apprenticeship period considered as experience for employment in State Govt Organisations G.O (Ms) 635/2013/H.Edn
13 B-Tech in Information Technology to be considered as qualification for JI postings in COPA trade G.O (Ms) 50/2016/LBR
14 Various courses Equivalent Higher to DCA for the post of Asst in KPSC, Secretariat G.O (Ms) 25/2012/P& ARD
15 DTPO Trade to be considered for post with Data Entry Qualification in Dist Coperative Banks G.O (Ms) 182/2016/LBR
16 Surveyor trade in CTS by DGET and Surveyor Trade under CTS by Director General of Employment and resettlement G.O (Ms) 3366/2007/LBR
17 NAC in printing as an alternative qualification for KGTE Certificate in Printing G.O(P)400/81/GAD
18 Acceptance of  SCVT Trade certitificates for KPSC postings in  Government Organisations G.O (Rt) 1388/2007/LBR
19 NTC in Stenography as alternative qualification to  KGTE Lower Typewriting & Shorthand G.O (Ms) 49/78/L&H
20 NTC in Secretarial Practive equivalent to KGTE English Lower (Typewriting & Shorthand) G.O (Ms) 87/96/LBR
21 STC by SCVT equivalent to NTC by NCVT for Govt Postings G.O (Rt) 2766/05/LBR
22 BSC Fashion and Costume design to be considered for JI posting in Dress making & Fashion Design Technology trade under CTS G.O (Ms)1316/2017/LBR
23 Front Office Operations certificate from FCI  with NTC/STC in Front Office Assistant G.O (Ms) 87/2017/LBR
24 NTC/STC in COPA trade as a higher qualification to Data entry Operator qualification required for Data entry operator post in Co-operative Banks  
25 NTC regular & NTC private to be of same value for job postings- Govt order G.O (Ms) 749/2019/LBR
26 NTC in Stenographer & Secretarial Astt equivalent to  KGTE English Typewriting & Shorthand Lower-G.O G.O (Ms) 13/2019/LBR
27 Equating 2 year surveyor trade with surveyor  trade of 1 year duration G.O (Rt) 1234/19/LBR
28 IMCP trade certificate eligibilty for Occupations as per NCO  
29 Computer course conducted by Vocational Higher secondary to NTC/NAC in DEO G.O (Rt) 5077/19/EDN
30 NTC in Secretarial Practice  to be considered for posts requiring KGTE English typ lower as qualification G.O (MS) 09/21/LBR
31  Degree/ Diploma  courses are  not equivalent to or higher than ITI courses- Govt order G.O (MS) 57/2023/LBR
32 NTC, STC, NAC in Health sanitary  Inspector trade declared as qualification for  Health Inspector Grade II posts- Govt Order G.O (MS) 424/2023/LSGD
33  NTC/ NAC in  Advanced Welder trade to considered as an alternative qualification for Welder trade G.O (MS) 678 /2022/LBR


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